Mobile Internet Devices: The Forefront of Technology


Mykola Golovko, Euromonitor International’s Consumer Electronics Industry Analyst, explains how mobile internet devices are the new ‘must-have’ device, but only Apple has been able to put out a solid device to consumers as of yet – the iPad. However, not all countries worldwide have access to such devices, and Apple as a brand is not completely global, either. However, looking at the performance of other Apple products provides insight into the market for mobile internet devices in areas that aren’t penetrated yet. Golovko points out that Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on mobile internet devices, as consumers can choose to wait for various upcoming products similar to the iPad.

Golovko uses pocket PCs, or PDAs, as an example of what happens when the initial demand for new technology is exhausted, and he points out that the early adopters of both PDAs and mobile internet devices have similar profiles – they tend to be:

•    male
•    middle aged
•    urban

However, mobile internet devices do exceptionally more than a pocket PC ever could, mainly because it functions hand-in-hand with the internet. Golovko mentions that PDAs might be an example of what could happen to mobile internet devices in the long run. PDA technology is long extinct, but carryovers from this device influenced recent mobile technology. Mobile internet devices are likely to adapt technology from other devices, such as physical keyboards from netbooks, and e-ink technology from e-readers. Similarly, mobile phones are borrowing technology from mobile internet devices.

Golovko closes by saying that the mobile internet device is not a replacement for e-readers, as media sales are a large part of revenue for them. Getting as many e-readers into consumers’ hands will maximize media sales, therefore, low cost e-readers are more likely to appear in the near future.

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