Introducing the Center for Analytics, Modelling and Innovation

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We are pleased to introduce the Centre for Analytics, Modelling and Innovation or CAMI.

CAMI is a cross industry resource developed by an in house team of PhDs combining modelling, innovative data exploration and visualization tools with Euromonitor’s 40 years of industry expertise and quantitative methods.  CAMI helps businesses go beyond recognizing market drivers by quantifying the relationships between economic and industry variables, helping businesses become better prepared for change.

Euromonitor created CAMI to meet the demand for modelling-driven insights on business strategy and to analyse key concepts nearly impossible to grasp by ordinary research methods. “Euromonitor International’s Passport database has more than 115 million internationally comparable statistics and we needed to look for new ways of making sense of that data,” said the Director of CAMI, Marius Dundulis. “A technological and conceptual leap was needed to unleash the full power of this information, which is why we created CAMI.”

The first CAMI model is a Macro Model, allowing users to create their own global macro scenarios at a click of a button.  Users can explore the impact across various geographies and indicators, providing an understanding of how large macroeconomic events can cause specific industry and company level changes.

“We strived to create a framework for clients to analyse real world changes in a safe “lab” environment where they can simulate economic or business events and explore the effects before taking any actions in the real world. This allows companies to prepare for potential risks and make better use of opportunities in the future,” says Dundulis.

Additional CAMI tools and models will follow soon:

Commodity Prices Model – Identify factors driving commodity prices or adjust the Euromonitor set of baseline assumptions to your own.

Dynamic Patterns Explorer – Search for categories and particular dynamics of interest.  With a click of a button, spot industries and countries about to reach a tipping or saturation point.  The tool helps identify unexpected relationships between remote industries.

Competitor Analytics Board – Spot merger and acquisition targets and track competitor evolution across industries, identifying a company’s vulnerabilities to changes in the economic environment and the effects on product portfolios and geographic spread.

Income and Wealth Segmentation Tool – Segment consumers based on their income, wealth and social class, offering meaningful comparisons between markets and spotting future emerging segments.

Future Demographics Applet – Identify future opportunities by spotting demographic niches around the world.

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Video: Watch CAMI analyst Daniel Solomon, PhD, discuss the US Federal Reserve’s announcement of a slowdown in quantitative easing in 2013. Although the announcement has created a stir in financial markets, Solomon believes this is a positive signal.