Gardening Trends in the UK and Beyond: Glee Garden Retail Show Review


Euromonitor’s research analysts identified several emerging trends in the gardening industry in the UK and beyond.


The Garden Centre Café

Consumer foodservice is playing an important role in the home and garden market, with the café becoming an increasingly important element of garden centres in the UK. In fact, the average visitor to a garden centre buys tea and cake more often than a new lawnmower.


Smart Watering

Smart watering is an emerging trend with several products being sold. These devices allow consumers to remotely control which plants are watered when in their garden. More advanced versions of these devices will be available on the market within the next few years.


Robotic Lawnmowers

Robotic lawnmowers are slowly gaining momentum in the UK any beyond, becoming more affordable each year. Sales, however, remain low compared to regular lawnmowers, which are priced much lower than their robotic counterparts.


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