Functional Drinks in the Asia-Pacific Region


Euromonitor International’s Head of Global Beverages Research, Richard Haffner, describes some of the newest functional drinks to come out of the Asia-Pacific region. Healthy options have been long associated with hot drinks, but not soft drinks. However, in the Asia Pacific region, ready to drink tea and functional water are leading the way for health and wellness benefits for soft drinks.

Functionality in drinks in the Asia Pacific region is well established compared to Western Europe and North America due to a more relaxed regularity environment. There are many products in the region with digestive and cardiovascular claims, so more unique claims are being associated with new products. These claims include women’s health benefits, and to a lesser extent, children’s health benefits.

One product targeting females in India is Women’s Horlicks. It claims to have 100% of the daily nutrimental needs specific to women.

Another product that isn’t always associated with health is coffee, with Nescafe offering products featuring extra functionality in the Asia Pacific region. Nescafe Body Partner 3 in 1 has collagen added, and Nescafe Protect Pro-Slim is made with white coffee beans, which claim to lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

In the Philippines, a product called Alo Youth includes fragments of aloe which help regulate blood circulation and collagen, promoting elasticity for the skin. Finally, a ready to drink coffee developed by UCC Ueshima in Japan boasts pro-biotic cultures.

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