Euromonitor to Speak at COSMEETING Paris


Event: Cosmeeting 2014

Date: September 9-11, 2014

Location: Paris, France

Event Description: For 3 days in 1 prime location, COSMEETING Paris is offering the most comprehensive and innovative selection of finished products targeted to all distribution networks. Get an exclusive preview of the latest trends and beauty products!


Anaïs_MirvalSpeaker: Anais Mirval, Ingredients Analyst

Presentation Title: Impact of Innovation on Hair Care Ingredients

Presentation Time: 10:30 AM, September 11

Presentation Description: Value sale of hair care has been showing good momentum over the last five years, thanks to increasing penetration in emerging markets and influential consumer trends, with the category showing greater alignment with prevailing natural and skin care trends. Those consumer trends manifest themselves through the extension and segmentation of consumers hair care routines but also through the greater interest in ingredients and labelling. As manufacturers reinforce their efficacy claims with little in the way of ingredient changes while consumers are demanding improved conditioning properties, as a result traditional hair care ingredients such as silicones and plant oils are set to grow in the future. However innovation is also shaping the market: active hair care ingredients as a new functional category is rising while clean beauty will continue to open space for sulfate-free surfactants and low allergenic hair dyes.

Nicole_TyrimouSpeaker: Nicole Tyrimou, Beauty and Personal Care Research Analyst

Presentation Title: The Evolving Alignment between Fashion and Beauty

Presentation Time: 9:30 AM, September 11

Presentation Description: The flourishing relationship between the global beauty and fashion markets has been of rising interest to major players in both industries. Despite the beauty being a third the size of the apparel market, the relatively affordable nature of beauty, especially at the luxury end of the market, serves as a valuable tool in challenging trading conditions. But from timid footsteps to giant leaps of faith, it is evident that not everybody is investing to the same degree in this US$0.5 trillion recession-proof industry. Collaborations, licenses or going solo there are different angles with which fashion and beauty collide. Euromonitor International will be exploring these angles, common themes and trends in both industries and what lessons can be taken from each other.