Euromonitor International releases research for 2011 Drinks International Millionaires Club


In the above videocast, Euromonitor International’s Senior Alcoholic Drinks Analyst, Jeremy Cunnington, highlights this year’s key findings. Research Analysts Troy Bilbao and Vladislav Savinov discuss the state of the economy in South Europe and emerging markets respectively, and explain the effects of these economies on global alcoholic drinks sales.

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Click here to download the Drinks International Millionaires list.

Euromonitor International announced recently the publication of its Millionaires Club, produced in partnership with Drinks International, with a record breaking list of 172 international and domestic spirits brands. Now in its fourth year, the Drinks International Millionaires Club looks at the 2010 ranking of spirits with sales of over one million 9-litre cases.

“A broad spread of positive figures across the spirits categories indicates confidence returned to global economies in 2010, with international brands performing strongly” says Euromonitor International Senior Alcoholic Drinks Analyst, Jeremy Cunnington. According to Euromonitor, for these brands, risk diversification strategies and increased exposure in emerging markets played a key role in their overall performance.

“Emerging markets are likely to play an increasingly vital part in brand growth as disposable incomes rise. Yet, at the same time, the companies with an international focus have to maintain their core mature markets, which their brands depend on for large proportions of their volumes and revenues,” adds Cunnington.

Domestic/local brands represent over 50% of the top 10 brands in the Millionaires ranking. Sochu brand, Jinro, is leading the ranking, recording 64.28 million 9-litre cases in 2010, more than double the amount of Smirnoff Vodka by Diageo in second position.

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Local brands have also highly benefited from growth in emerging markets. With its 20 Millionaire brands, Indian giant United Spirits’ is close to matching top of the list Pernod Ricard. The continuing boom in the Indian spirits market helped United Spirits in 2010, adding the Bagpiper Rum brand to the Millionaire ranking and rapid growth for many of its other brands.

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The world’s biggest alcoholic drinks firm, Diageo, remained in third place with 14 Millionaire brands, but is expected to perform much better in next year’s tables thanks to the acquisition of Turkish company Mey Içki highly reliant on domestics/local brands.

“This year again, the millionaires ranking proves domestic and local brands continue to dominate with 93 entries in the tables for 2010, followed by international brands on 57 and regional brands which had 22”, explains Cunnington. “This shows that the vast majority of spirits are still consumed in the country that produces them, especially in emerging markets.”

Click here to download the Drinks International Millionaires list.