Consumers in Kazakhstan switch to UHT Milk


The milk market in Kazakhstan has changed dramatically over the past decade. Consumers there have stopped buying milk from streets and open markets and are now purchasing milk in stores. Violeta Mordas, Research Analyst at Euromonitor, explains that milk bought from the street might be contaminated, and a recent government program urged consumers to purchase their milk from stores instead. Kazakh consumers started to purchase “long life” milk, or UHT milk. There are several reasons consumers switched to this type of milk:

  • The hot climate and long distances between towns in Kazakhstan makes the refrigeration of milk expensive or impossible
  • The growing awareness of the health benefits of milk and the method of UHT milk production
  • The myth that because of its long shelf life, UHT milk must be joined with preservatives, is fading

UHT milk is projected to grow in sales over the next 5 years in Kazakhstan due to these reasons. Also, since Kazakhstan has a limited milk production capacity, there is a possibility that neighboring countries will start producing fresh milk for the country.

As a result of the demand for UHT milk, special packaging for UHT milk will increase over the next 5 years.

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