Beverage Innovations in Consumer Foodservice


Michael Schaefer, Consumer Foodservice Industry Analyst at Euromonitor International, takes a look at some of the newest beverage concepts in consumer foodservice. Traffic is a main factor for the foodservice industry – and new beverage concepts are based around the idea of getting consumers into foodservice vendors at all hours of the day.

Schaefer examines the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, which gives consumers multiple drink options and flavors to choose from. While still in testing stages, the Freestyle is one of the most innovative ideas to come out of beverage vending in many years.

Also driving consumers into fast food restaurants are the new McDonald’s smoothies, which can bring consumers into McDonald’s at different periods of time rather than breakfast or lunch. Schaefer points out that any beverage designed to bring consumers into the store at times other than meal times is huge.

Schaefer mentions that coffee continues to be a huge factor in the consumer foodservice beverage front, with many fast food chains like Subway and Burger King stepping out into the breakfast front. McDonald’s recently added premium coffee to their menu with their McCafe line, which is again seen as a traffic driver.

Around the world, many fast food chains are experimenting with other types of beverages. Burger King in Japan now offers a whiskey and soda drink in some chains. Schaefer states that all consumer foodservice chains are scrambling to get people inside at all different times and are constantly experimenting with new offerings to consumers.

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