Alcoholic Drinks: The Present and Future of the Global Market


Research Analyst Spiros Malandrakis and Research Analyst for the Middle East and Africa, Gayatri Bhasin, examine the global alcoholic drinks market with a focus on Africa and the Middle East. Although the alcoholic drinks market did not escape the effects of the economic recession, several interesting trends were found, including:

• the ascent of off-trade and the decent of on-trade
• the positive volume growth of alcoholic drinks in the Middle East and Africa
• the decline of spirit sales and the increase of stout sales in the Middle East and Africa

Both analysts also focus on the strong sales of non-alcoholic beer, mainly in countries that forbid sales of alcohol or where it is culturally frowned upon. Alcoholic Drinks manufacturers – primarily wine manufacturers – are using new media campaigns to target young adults, or ” Millennials “.

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