Top 25 Countries by Rum Consumption Per Capita

More Fun Facts about the Global Rum Market:

  • The world drank 1.3 billion litres of rum in 2016
  • The top 5 rum markets are India, USA, Philippines, France and United Kingdom
  • In per capita terms, the top rum markets are Dominican Republic, Philippines, Canada, USA and France
  • Of the top 5 rum markets globally only France saw an increase in volume sales over 2011-2016
  • Dominican Republic is the top rum market in per capita terms at 2.9 litres in 2016
  • Global rum sales by volume declined -5.6% globally over 2011-2016
  • 70% of the rum bought globally in 2016 was dark rum and 30% white rum
  • McDowell’s is the top rum brand globally, followed by Bacardi and Tanduay
  • Chile saw the largest decline globally in rum sales over 2011-2016 at -57.7% growth in volume terms
  • Israel is expected to record a 54% growth in rum sales in volume terms over 2016-2021, the highest percentage growth globally
  • The global rum market is expected to increase 1.9% in volume terms over 2016-2021