The Future of Travel: 2030

ATW Summit 2015

Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel, and Mike Jozwik, Global Consulting Research Director, presented at the Adventure Travel World Summit organised by the Adventure Travel Trade Association. We reset our thinking to 2030, where the world population will grow to over 8 billion, more than 5 billion of these people will live in urban areas and over half a million households will become middle class. Great opportunities abound  for the adventure travel industry but also threats as we witness unprecedented levels of demand and an ensuing capacity crunch.

Key themes are Tomorrow’s Adventurers, Hyper-connectivity and The Mindful Traveler. With the rise of Asia, we’re expecting a much more diverse traveller mix and technology requires brands to engage with consumers in a much more responsive and personalised way than ever before.

Future scenarios illustrate how travel brands can prepare for the future where sustainability will be fundamental to the wider travel industry and boundaries between mainstream and specialist become increasingly blurred.