The 2nd ICIS European Surfactants Conference

ICIS_Logo_100HDate: 12-13 September, 2013
Location: Brussels
Presentation day and time: 12 September, 2pm local time
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Presentation: John Madden, Head of Ingredients Research at Euromonitor International, will present  key trends and developments in the European beauty and personal care market. Starting
with an overview of the European personal care market, he will explain how the European beauty and personal care product market is evolving and leading world changes. He will then review the consumption levels and growth forecasts for Eastern vs Western Europe.

Conference: Following a successful launch in 2012, the 2nd ICIS European Surfactants conference will take place again in 2013. The conference will offer exclusive networking opportunities and a content-rich agenda with exclusive information and insights. Some of the questions that high-calibre experts will address are:

  • What are the primary drivers affecting this highly competitive region?
  • What are the emerging trends in the HPC markets and what does this mean for surfactants suppliers?
  • What is the outlook for surfactants markets in 2014?