Technology is Empowering Business Travelers

Global market research company Euromonitor International and ride- hailing app Kapten Business, launched today a new white paper, La micro-mobilité : nouvel enjeu des déplacements professionnels focusing on the business travel landscape in Île-de-France and the importance of effective management of employee micro-mobility.

According to the white paper, technology and the sharing economy are re-shaping business traveller’s needs and expectations. Today´s travellers expect a seamless experience in their consumer and professional lives and want to use the same services in both. 42 percent of business travellers prefer to book directly with providers than through company travel portals.

The new research reveals that 53 percent of companies in Île-de-France are increasing their investment in travel and Traveller Satisfaction is the most important element on which travel manager´s performance is judged. “An employee who is unsatisfied with his company’s travel policy is unlikely to adhere to it, jeopardizing everything the policy is designed to do”.

Companies have loosened restrictions on the services employees can use for micro-mobility during work trips, making them especially vulnerable to “invisible spending”, with an estimated 95% of bookings occurring outside of official company reservation channels.

The technologies that were once disruptive are becoming mainstream by smartly catering to the business travel segment. Travel platforms, including private hire vehicle (PHV), have developed business applications which offer the same user experience that employees are used to from their personal lives, accessible from their own mobile devices.

“We have officially entered the era of the professionalization of apps targeting the corporate travel. In short, give business travellers what they want (within reason), and chances are they will give you higher-quality work and better outcomes”.

For more information about the business travel landscape and the importance of travel autonomy, visibility and security, please download a free copy of: La micro-mobilité : nouvel enjeu des déplacements professionnels.