Taking Back Control: The Ultimate Consumer Trend

This post is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2019.

The world feels out of control as we move into 2019. Between political upheaval in developed markets and unprecedented change in developing economies, “taking back control” has been the catchphrase for major political movements as people want more self-determination. And the same goes for many of our 2019 Global Consumer Trends.


The Need to Feel Just a Bit More Powerful

In the face of turmoil and uncertainty, we feel more powerful when we can go back to basics and eat an egg laid by our own hen, or actively choose to find solace away from digital demands without junking them completely. We want to get that thing or service seamlessly and easily. We want to make a difference in the world by buying more thoughtfully. We want to look after ourselves and sidestep the experts, by taking up the reins of knowledge and driving the consumer conversation more than ever.

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