March 22, 2018
Wherever you are and whatever you do on March 22, make it about nature and water. World Water Day highlights the important issue of water stress throughout the world. Explore the interactive visualization below and learn about the varying levels of water stress across 52 countries. Your browser does not support iframes.   
September 14, 2017
Euromonitor International’s India Natural Resources Country Briefing focuses on a nation that is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Economic growth, clubbed with rising per capita energy consumption, has increased the demand for energy in the country. In view of the above, the country’s draft National Energy Policy (NEP) aims at providing access to energy at affordable prices, improving energy security and independence, and promoting greater sustainability and […]
February 1, 2017
Nearly 1 billion people live without access to safe drinking water. Classed by the World Economic Forum as the world’s number one long term risk, water crisis is a key issue impacting businesses across industries. This strategy briefing extract looks at how a range of companies are tackling this pressing concern, from supply chain management to […]
June 28, 2016
The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) programme is a joint programme between the Australian and New Zealand governments to instill a single programme with aligned energy standards and labelling for equipment and appliances including computers, dishwashers, refrigeration appliances, lighting, heating and cooling appliances, televisions and even video games consoles. Each item of electrical equipment is rated […]
September 25, 2014
In the first part of this two-part article, I highlighted China’s booming water purification market. In the second part, I will focuses on the strategic reasoning behind Unilever’s Qinyuan acquisition. Unilever is a household name in China, ranked third in beauty and personal care and home care. The company also has a prominent position in […]
December 4, 2013
2013年11月、日本ミネラルウォーター協会の技術研修会において、弊社のシニアリサーチアナリストの竹村真理子が「世界のボトルドウォーター事情」について発表しました。 当日の発表の一部を無料でダウンロードいただけます。下記にご記入の上、ダウンロードください。
January 9, 2012
PET packaging performed well from 2005-2010, states Regina Maiseviciute, packaging research analyst at Euromonitor International. This positive performance was driven by growing PET application in dairy and juice drinks. New applications for PET bottles can be found in: Flavored milk drinks, which are popular products for children in the United States. Beer, especially in instances […]
Euromonitor Research
August 3, 2011
  Convenience and functionality are the two main factors consumers look for in packaging, says Regina Maiseviciute, Packaging Industry Analyst at Euromonitor International. In Russia, consumers responded to these factors by purchasing easy open metal cans, flip top bottled water, and microwavable packages. Entertainment at home is another important trend in Russia.  During the economic […]
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