October 31, 2017
  A growing number of consumers around the world are adopting meat-restricted, meat-free or other restrictive diets, and packaged food companies have to adapt to the needs of these consumers in order to stay relevant. Vegan analogues of non-vegan foods have become increasingly creative, innovative and delicious. Watch on YouTube
Euromonitor Research
June 30, 2017
Australian consumers are increasingly conscious about the food they are eating and its impact on their health and wellbeing. As a result, consumers have embraced fresh food, driving overall 2% total volume growth in 2016. Australians are also adopting “flexitarian” lifestyles where they are consciously choosing to have less meat in their diets with “meat […]
September 1, 2016
Considering the current national predilection for natural and minimally processed foods, high-tech is not the term one would first attribute to up and coming products.
May 27, 2016
The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show took place in Chicago from May 21 to 24. The show and its BAR event hosted attendees from around the world who saw the latest in packaged foods, hot and soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, cooking equipment, and software for the restaurant industry.
November 19, 2014
Can a diet totally devoid of animal protein be healthy for humans who are, by design, omnivores? Common sense would suggest not, but research begs to differ. A new study is just out, attesting to the fact that a stint of vegan eating boosts both heart health and weight loss, and without imposing restrictions on […]
September 21, 2014
High-tech investors are getting involved in vegan food companies in an effort to improve food safety and resource efficiency, combat world hunger, and encourage the clean food movement. Even with the growth of flexitarian diets, ethical positioning will only carry these products so far. Success with consumers both in the US and in the global […]
Virginia Lee
December 31, 2013
Developed Markets More Likely to Follow Health Trends, Even Those Unrelated to Weight Loss Over half of developed market consumers are considered overweight and may be looking for a quick (or at least straight-forward) fix to their diet woes. Some of the most popular eating habits simply cut out various food categories, such as gluten […]

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