August 23, 2017
Following the terrorist attacks in Spain, targeting La Ramblas in Barcelona, on 17 August 2017, where 13 people were murdered and 50 more were injured, it is likely that there will be a short-term impact on inbound tourism demand with forecast demand potential reduced by 0.3%. Potential impact Based on Euromonitor International’s Travel Forecast Model, […]
June 5, 2017
Could the recent terror attack in the UK lead to a decline in visitors? People who have already booked their trips are unlikely to cancel them, as we are now in the shoulder season heading into the peak summer season for trips to the UK, and visitors tend to book in advance to get the […]
May 23, 2017
On Monday 22 May 2017, there was a terrorist attack at a concert at the Manchester Arena that has left 22 people dead and 59 wounded including women and children, after a suicide bomber caused an explosion. Echoes of Paris The fatal attack on concert-goes bears a chilling resemblance to the November 2015 terror attacks […]
August 23, 2017
On Wednesday 17th of February, Turkey was again the victim of a blast in the capital Ankara, leaving at least 28 people dead and 61 injured. Turkey has been hit by multiple of attacks in recent months, and there were already strong concerns that the country could be targeted by further stronger attacks. Although it […]
January 12, 2016
The explosion in Istanbul’s most prominent tourist attraction on the 12th of January is expected to impact negatively on inbound flow to Turkey on the short-to-medium term. The blast took place at the Sultanahmet district, near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, major tourist spots for the destination, killing at least 10 people and wounding […]
November 30, 2015
A state of emergency was declared in Tunisia on the 24th of November after an explosion struck a bus carrying members of the presidential guard, killing at least 13 people. The fear of repeat attack shave led to 3,500 British tourists leaving Tunisia since the attack by a militant killing 38 tourists at the resort […]
September 12, 2011
As the world remembers the events of September 11th 10 years on, Euromonitor International examines the impact on international tourism to the US and New York City. A decade of political turmoil for the US… 2000 was a record year for inbound tourism, with 51 million arrivals to the US, but the events of September […]

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