August 27, 2015
Listen as MP3 Global fast fashion brands and luxury powerhouses are attracted to the Australian market, looking to do business in a stable economy with healthy inbound tourism. While some companies are building brick and mortar stores in the country, others are choosing an online store approach. More conservative brands are only shipping to Australia […]
September 26, 2012
There is a direct link between the housing market and the homewares market, states Melina Cordero, Home and Garden Analyst at Euromonitor. However, this link isn’t just connected to consumers moving into a home or apartment for the first time. Many people look at moving as a chance to upgrade their home with new kitchen […]
Euromonitor Research
October 3, 2011
Many convenience stores in Asia are looking to expand globally, discusses Raphael Moreau, Retailing Analyst at Euromonitor International. Asian convenience stores are aiming to compete globally with grocery stores and cafés by offering hot and fresh food options and seating areas for coffee. 7-Eleven is the most global convenience store in Asia with presence in […]
Raphaël Moreau
August 22, 2011
More consumers are choosing to shop at convenience stores rather than supermarkets in the United Kingdom, states Tahiyya Jurdine, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International. Two reasons for this trend include: The UK is seeing a demographic shift towards smaller households, and single families prefer to shop more frequently and buy less items when they shop. […]
Euromonitor Research
June 30, 2011
Lamine Lahouasnia, Retailing Analyst at Euromonitor, explains the recent tough times for video game specialist retailers. There are a number of reasons for the slow growth of video game specialty stores. First, grocery stores such as Tesco and Wal-Mart have been expanding their video game selection, lowering unit prices. Secondly, online retailers such as Amazon […]
Lamine Lahouasnia
February 28, 2011
Jon Wright, Head of Global Retailing Research, explains how consumer confidence bounced back in 2010, enabling shoppers to start spending again. Strong spending was seen in electronics, appliances, and health and beauty and spending was split between developed and emerging markets. Retailers have been eyeing several new markets, including China, Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia to […]
Euromonitor Research
February 14, 2011
Metcash, a smaller player in the market, is hoping to gain some ground in the grocery scene. They are trying to buy the Franklins chain, but have only acquired 88 stores. Pick n’ Pay, the owner of Franklins, is exiting the market and wants to sell the chain to Metcash.  However, the acquisitions have been […]
Euromonitor Research
November 3, 2010
Watch part 1 of this video   在欧睿零售行业分析师刘康康在第二辑中探讨其他一些对今后几年中国零售业产生影响的引人注目的趋势: 竞争少,运营成本低,国家政策扶植推动零售走向三、四线城市 网上购物、直销、电视销售等B2C/C2C新兴渠道的快速发展促使一些大零售商发展网上商城 零售商趋于简化分销层次,电器连锁商家发展自有品牌,都使得供应商和分销商未来的压力增大 English Translation: In the 2nd part of this video, Euromonitor International’s Retailing industry Research Analyst Alex Liu looks into other eye-catching trends, which are likely to influence the Chinese retailing industry in the coming years: Retailers are going to third and fourth tier cities because of […]
Euromonitor Research

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