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September 6, 2018
Euromonitor is excited to share the most recent results of the Industry Insights series. In this annual series, Euromonitor surveys industry professionals across the globe to capture trends, forecasts, and innovations. Voice of the Industry: Soft Drinks A new report in the Industry Insights series focuses on soft drinks trends, drawing on an Industry Insights […]
August 31, 2018
The Coca-Cola Company’s US $5.1 billion acquisition of UK coffee shop chain Costa Coffee is bold departure for the company, marking an ambitious push into both hot coffee and into directly operating away-from-home brands. In this podcast, Michael Schaefer, Euromonitor International’s Global Lead for Food & Beverage, discusses Coca-Cola’s motivations, implications for the broader drinks […]
May 29, 2018
Growing concerns over sugar intake impact soft drinks performance With rising concerns of obesity correlated with sugar intake, consumers are substituting from soft drinks high in sugar to those with zero sugar and healthier ingredients. Furthermore, governments within the region have taken active measures to curb sugar intake, promoting healthy lifestyles amongst consumers. Performance of […]
May 2, 2018
With growing concerns over unhealthy lifestyles linked with sugar consumption in Southeast Asia, governments in the region are implementing policies to reduce sugar intake. Sugar taxes are one of the main ways that countries are combating sugar intake, and companies like Coca-Cola have responded by introducing no-sugar products along with products containing sugar substitutes such […]
Nathaniel Lim
April 3, 2018
This article is featured in the March issue of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. Cold brew remains one of the most talked-about areas in coffee today. What was once a difficult-to-find novelty is now relatively mainstream, available in many leading coffee shop chains and in ready-to-drink (RTD) versions in several retail channels. Cold brew’s success […]
April 2, 2018
Euromonitor International’s health and wellness team have published a new global briefing, titled Healthy Living: Insights of Global Naturally Healthy Bottled Water. The report leveraged data from several Passport systems including soft drinks, health and wellness, global consumer survey, digital consumer, packaging and analytics. It is the first comprehensive global briefing on naturally healthy bottled […]
May 30, 2018
The National Restaurant Association Show took place in Chicago from May 19-22, 2018 and Euromonitor’s analysts were on the show floor to observe new trends in the beverage industry. From priobiotic cold brew coffee to ready-to-drink cocktail mixes, Euromonitor examines new trends in hot drinks, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. Watch on YouTube
Matthew Barry
May 30, 2018
Public policy makers, influencers and consumers, have putting pressure on the soft drinks industry to take responsibility for their role in public health issues and produce healthier business models for the future. The focus has largely been for brands to change their recipes, however, the industry has responded with a magnitude of strategies, which not […]

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