November 11, 2014
After a third-quarter earnings call revealed a net income decline of 42%, SodaStream acknowledged the error in positioning its line of machines and syrups as “home soda makers”. Amidst the fast decline of carbonate sales in the US, the company is instead aligning itself to the growth of bottled water, hoping to entice consumers with […]
October 24, 2014
Analyst Insight by Jonas Feliciano – Senior Beverages Analyst Follow @JonasF_EMI   As first reported in Beverage Digest and later by Business Insider, both PepsiCo and SodaStream have announced a limited test launch of Pepsi branded products on the SodaStream platform. In its report, Beverage Digest, citing a source, said the Sodastream test using Pepsi […]
April 25, 2014
With Coca-Cola investing in Keurig Green Mountain and Pepsi partnering with Bevyz Fresh Machine to produce their own respective line of branded, at-home soft drinks, rumours abound about SodaStream finding a partner. Starbucks has recently been identified as a likely target with many speculating that the coffee giant would purchase a 10% stake in the […]
Howard Telford
February 10, 2014
Green Mountain’s proposed at-home soda machine will need several key features to compete with Sodastream according to Brian Kelley, Green Mountain’s CEO. The machine will have to produce beverages in less than 60 seconds, achieve carbonation without a CO2 cartridge and create a perfect dosage of each flavor. Jonas Feliciano, Beverage Industry Analyst at Euromonitor, […]
Euromonitor Research
February 5, 2014
During its Q4 earnings call and a recent appearance at Beverage Digest’s “Future Smarts” conference in New York, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters CEO Brian Kelley spoke about the company’s intent to launch Keurig 2.0 during the next fiscal year as well as a “cold beverage platform” the following year. The cold platform will allow consumers […]

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