June 5, 2018
Euromonitor attended the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago in May 2018, and observed five key trends at the show. From the blending of flavour profiles to organic and fibre-filled snacks, this year’s expo showed that companies are responding to consumer demand for healthy products, mixing up old recipes and taking chances on new ingredients. […]
Jared Koerten
March 6, 2018
As empresas de alimentos e bebidas começaram a responder ao que vem sendo chamado de “reação contra o açúcar” – uma resposta ao aumento da pressão de lobistas e governos para que as pessoas comam e vivam de maneira mais saudável – no qual consumidores começam a lentamente mudar seus hábitos de consumo trocando os […]
January 23, 2018
Food companies are adopting healthy snacks through acquisition CPG companies have started to respond to what has been dubbed “the backlash against sugar”. With increased pressure from lobbyists and governments for people to eat and live more healthily, consumers are slowly starting to change their approach to eating, moving away from (reduced) sugar and fat […]
October 26, 2017
The US contributes the most to the global forecast upgrade Unlike the previous quarter, in 2017 Q3, forecast retail value sales have seen a sizeable upgrade across all snack categories, with confectionery seeing a USD385 million upgrade, followed by savoury snacks with USD355 million. The US accounted for over half of the global upgrade in […]
July 21, 2017
In the words of director general of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, the obesity and diabetes epidemics represent a “slow-motion disaster”. In 2016 65% of countries researched by Euromonitor International had an overweight and obesity prevalence of over 50%, while in countries such as the US, Venezuela and Mexico the same figure reached over […]
February 26, 2017
Name: SNAXPO Date: April 1-4, 2017 Location: Savannah, GA | Savannah International Trade and Convention Center Link: http://www.snaxpo.com/ Event Description: The world’s largest, most comprehensive trade show devoted exclusively to the international snack food industry, will be in Savannah, Georgia, in 2017. Enjoy the history, the charm, and award winning culinary offerings, while networking with […]
October 4, 2016
LONDON, UK – Global market research company Euromonitor International presented new research at the London press briefing, ‘No Sugar Please: How Snacks are Being Redefined’. According to the presentation, growth of healthy snacks rose by 7 percent in 2014-2015 compared to ‘conventional’ snacks, which only increased by 5 percent. “The growth in healthy snacks was […]
October 5, 2016
The appeal of snacking is being marked by health concerns over calorie intake and sugar intake, especially in markets such as North America and Europe. As a result, many snack foods are releasing larger pack sizes that are meant to be shared, or smaller pack sizes meant for a quick indulgence. These new formats are […]

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