April 12, 2018
There is no set definition for what constitutes a “trade war”. A tit-for-tat exchange of protectionist measures kicks off the debate, but the core discussion remains primarily existential. Is this a trade war? Why is this a trade war? How long will it remain a trade war? These questions become particularly weighty when one country’s […]
July 20, 2017
Euromonitor International’s Iran Economy, Finance and Trade Country Briefing focuses on one of the Middle East’s largest and most promising economies. The intensification of the international sanctions over Iran in 2012 and the fall in oil prices since mid-2014 took a toll on the Iranian economy. However, short-term relief from sanctions and rise in private […]
April 30, 2016
With the lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran in January 2016, the country may finally be opening up its markets to the outside world, with several opportunities for both domestic and multinational manufacturers within the food and beverage industry. The possibilities of a post-sanction Iran Iran has much to recommend it. With […]
April 14, 2016
The restoration of the Cuba-US relationship in 2015 and the removal of some western economic sanctions on Iran in early 2016 will boost investment, trade and consumption in the two countries. However, businesses seeking to gain a foothold in these two potential markets still have to cope with significant hurdles including heavy state interference in […]
April 12, 2018
Despite the future unknowns, Iran appears to be making real progress when it comes to international reform. Early in 2016 it began to roll back its nuclear program enough to begin the process of lifting its harsh economic sanctions.
October 8, 2015
On 25 August 2015, Rospotrebnadzor (the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing) ordered Russian retailers to remove 12 home and personal care SKUs from their shelves – including Henkel’s Persil and Procter & Gamble’s Tide/Ariel as well as products from five other home or personal care manufacturers. This move […]
October 3, 2014
Thus far, Russia has not introduced direct sanctions against any multinational beauty players or their products, but the ongoing tense geo-political situation in Russia and the Ukraine is expected to negatively impact a number of companies’ performances in 2014 and beyond. Category growth prospects are also expected to be dented in the short-to-medium-term future in […]
September 11, 2014
All is not quiet on the Eastern Front. The Russian alcoholic drinks market– once upon a time lauded as a lynchpin of a BRIC narrative now in tatters- is already reeling under the pressure of excise tax hikes, maturity induced headwinds, advertising bans and relentlessly tightening legislation. Somewhat perversely, these are the good news- largely […]

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