May 9, 2018
Spirits is a constantly evolving category in the United States with constant product innovation and consumer curiosity. In the last few years, the presence of premium brown spirits has increased, drawing consumption from the majority vodka category due to the draw of the origin story. Watch on YouTube
Catherine Krol
May 1, 2018
Slowdown in growth in global hot drinks, as coffee pods matures 2016-2017 saw the slowest growth of any recent year for the hot drinks market since 2008. This was primarily caused by slowing growth in coffee. Tea increased the most in constant terms in several years, and growth in other hot drinks, while slow, exceeded […]
May 1, 2018
Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing on baby food “Baby Food: Unveiling Global Growth Drivers and Premiumisation Strategies“, discusses growth and innovation trends in milk formula globally, and also evaluates opportunities and challenges in the world’s largest market, China, notably in the wake of the recently implemented legislation limiting the number of brands and products available. […]
January 14, 2018
  Euromonitor International has recently identified a series of megatrends that are helping to reshape the global economic landscape. Premiumisation of products and services is one of those trends, and is allowing brands and service providers to differentiate themselves from their competitors in a modern world that offers endless choices and commoditisation of product offerings. […]
Euromonitor Research
December 7, 2017
The influence of premiumisation will continue to expand. Harnessing this demand is crucial for financial service providers; however, as consumers grow to expect premium features, it becomes harder for providers to separate themselves from the pack. Resources which rate and review card offerings are growing, and are accelerating competition within the space. Consumers increasingly have […]
October 28, 2017
Three key trends affecting pet care are health, premiumisation, and E-commerce. Health has become fashionable and ever-present in consumers’ lives, particularly through weight management and general well being. This has impacted the way pet owners interact with their pets, and especially the way they feed them. Premiumisation has been helping to define and generate growth in […]
October 22, 2017
Premiumisation within alcoholic drinks in Australia has seen consumers drinking less but also better quality products. This was epitomised in the campaign for Asahi Super Dry, “Above all else”, launched in September 2016. The campaign highlighted the passion and process behind the creation of Asahi Super Dry beers. This ties into the craft beer trend […]
October 12, 2017
‘Premiumisation’ will be a key megatrend through to 2030.  While premiumisation may not seem like anything new, what has changed is the motivation behind consumers’ purchasing decisions. In the wake of the global financial crisis, with lavish displays of wealth out of fashion, consumers are spending more on products that can make them better: healthier, […]

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