May 13, 2018
For many parents, especially young Millennial parents in the US and parts of Western Europe, raising a child in a gender-neutral way, or close to this, is a key goal. This involves allowing a child to be themselves, and to avoid  conforming to a gender stereotype that does not fit their personality. This trend is, […]
September 20, 2015
American consumers have become more aware of the ingredients that make up their everyday household products, and concerns over product composition have also been manifesting themselves within the American nappy/diaper category. In 2014, the US nappies/diapers/pants category was flat in constant retail value terms at US$5.9 billion and saw less than 1% growth in volume […]
February 15, 2014
As I explore in Euromonitor International’s new global briefing “Toys and Games in Emerging Markets: Consumer Fundamentals Falling into Place”, emerging economies already account for a considerable share of the global toy market, and will provide the strongest boost to global toy and games sales between 2012 and 2017. Latin America has been one of the […]
February 14, 2014
Milk formula is one of the fastest growing food categories globally, with double-digit growth rates being driven by the insatiable appetite of the world’s youngest consumers. A third of the US$41 billion spent on milk formula globally in 2013 went on toddler milk formula products alone, making it the single largest milk formula category, ahead […]
May 13, 2018
There has been growing pressure on toy retailers to market toys in a gender-neutral manner. As such, Toys “R” Us is now revamping its strategy and is removing labeling for boys and girls. Campaign group Let Toys Be Toys is concerned that gender-specific toys can influence children with regard to sexist stereotypes, and so should […]
January 11, 2012
In an effort to explore the idea of parenthood, family and life fulfillment in the midst of this changing environment, Euromonitor reached out to 4,700 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 living in 15 countries around the world

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