July 30, 2018
La tendencia a la co-habitación relacionada con el espacio residencial ha florecido entre los millennials y aquellos sobre 65. Es una forma de vivir en la que los residentes comparten espacio y un conjunto de intereses y valores. La tendencia se deriva de los centros hiper urbanos que han abrazado la economía colaborativa como estilo […]
July 20, 2018
Tendo crescido no mundo digital, a geração Millennial possui características distintas dos Baby Boomers e da Geração X. No entanto, esta geração enfrenta um mar de desafios à medida que entra na vida adulta. Os jovens não são mais tão jovens Em 2018, os mais novos da geração Millennial (os nascidos em 1994 estarão com 24 […]
May 24, 2018
In 2018, the last of the millennial generation will be reaching their mid-20s. This generation possesses characteristics distinct from Baby Boomers and Generation X, having grown up in a digital-first world. However, millennials face a sea of challenges as they step into adulthood.   The young are not that young anymore In 2018, the last […]
May 17, 2018
Global travel attractions were valued at USD 254,6 billion in 2017, bringing the attention of over 14,8 billion people. Visitor attractions in China, USA, Japan, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Russia draw the most people each year, with nearly 11 billion visitors. In celebration of International Museum Day, taking place on May 18th, use Euromonitor […]
May 13, 2018
For many parents, especially young Millennial parents in the US and parts of Western Europe, raising a child in a gender-neutral way, or close to this, is a key goal. This involves allowing a child to be themselves, and to avoid  conforming to a gender stereotype that does not fit their personality. This trend is, […]
May 8, 2018
Our March webinar, “How to Sell Home and Garden Products to Millennials” and newly-released “Millennials: Selling Home and Garden to Generation Rent” strategy briefing, continue the investigation into what young adults today want from the home and garden industry. While much of the spotlight has shifted to the up-and-coming Generation Z (born 1995 or later), […]

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