November 22, 2017
Euromonitor International’s previous article discussed why scenario analysis is a key for businesses to prepare and future-proof their strategies in the face of potential macroeconomic shocks, especially when evaluating business decisions such as the scale of entry or investment in a certain market. In the second part of this blog series, we will illustrate how […]
November 20, 2017
Understanding the macroeconomic outlook in key markets is an essential component of market research. Macroeconomic shocks can have a major impact on market potential, market segmentation and production costs. Robust market research needs to evaluate business decisions, like the scale of entry or investment in a market, by considering how they will succeed in the […]
February 6, 2016
The coffee market in Ukraine in 2016 is likely to be influenced by the  agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. This agreement means that imports between the two parties are no longer subject to import tax. While this may increase rivalry between European brands and local coffee producers, Ukrainian consumers are notoriously patriotic and […]
February 2, 2016
  Tradedown is a major trend in the Russian beauty market as the country is currently suffering from the effects of an economic crisis in 2015. This crisis has had a major impact on on consumers spend, particularly in the beauty market. There are five major trends emerging in the beauty market as a result […]
Olga Murogova
January 25, 2016
In January of 2016 Nippon Paper announced its plans to enter China’s diaper market as an original equipment manufacturer. Given China’s significant consumer base and consumer preference for quality Japanese diaper brands, the move is not without its merits. However, a number of factors need to be considered with respect to China’s future diaper demand. […]
January 14, 2016
В подкасте говориться о том, какие изменения происходят в Белорусской продовольственной рознице в 2015 году. А также, о том, как местные компании реагируют на развитие онлайн формата. Скачать как MP3
November 2, 2015
  Euromonitor International recently published updated health and wellness data, and several trends have emerged from the research. First, global diets are becoming more plant-based than ever before, with vegetables and heritage grains as the focus. Breads, pastas and cereals, which were once losing ground in the market are once again being consumed thanks to […]
Ewa Hudson
October 10, 2015
Labour market flexibility or rigidity refers to employment issues such as staff wages, the ease of which companies can hire and fire employees, length of probation periods and power of unions. Flexible labour markets are characterised by things such as low minimum wage and laws that don’t impede the hiring or termination of employees. These […]

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