June 22, 2016
When it comes to packaging of bottled water, compared to glass and other pack types, PET remains the most popular pack type in the world by far. Whilst this also holds true for Turkey, glass bottles are increasingly becoming popular amongst Turkish consumers who seek premium and safe bottles that guarantee preservation of the water’s […]
August 19, 2014
The future of packaging for still light grape wine is rather positive. By 2018, global retail demand is set to rise by a 2% CAGR to reach 20.3 billion units. Yet it is also going through rather revealing changes. While the ‘Old World’ continues to dominate still wine consumption in glass bottles in 2013, Western […]
February 18, 2014
Download as pdf Global retail pack sales for beer will, over 2013-2018, rise by a positive CAGR of 2%, an increase of a sizeable 26.5 billion units. Glass bottles are set to maintain their lead position over beverage cans, especially in Asia Pacific and Latin America where the presence of returnables is strong. In Europe, […]
January 16, 2014
As more cideries enter the market with canned products, a long-dormant beast which was once influential during the times of Johnny Appleseed (late-18th century) may be reawakened to make its mark on the alcoholic drinks landscape. After the introduction of German beer overtook cider in the 18th century, cider has been reintroduced to American palates […]
June 22, 2016
When it comes to beverages, particularly fizzy drinks such as beer and carbonates, the glass bottle is generally perceived as delivering a high-quality consumer experience. In 2013, metal packaging manufacturers seem to have taken this as their main challenge, coming up with various innovations which aim to not only enhance the experience of drinking from […]
October 11, 2013
While there is high potential for the volume growth of carbonates in emerging countries, economic inequalities have made it difficult for higher priced beverages to reach all consumers. This is especially true in the developing countries of India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, where over 40% of consumers earn less than 50% of the average […]
June 29, 2011
Download this file as an MP3 In this episode of Globalcast, Ian Bell, Head of Homecare Research at Euromonitor, analyses international consumer trends in homecare in Europe.  Learn about:  The consumer trends in homecare in Europe The spread of trends to other regions How the ‘cocooning’ trend relates to the homecare industry
February 9, 2011
Over the last few years Eastern European consumers have become more educated and aware of ecological issues within packaging, such as biodegradable, ecological, reusable and recyclable packaging. However, in many Easter European countries the reality is that ecological aspects of packaging are more theory than reality. However there is one well-known aspect of ecological thinking […]

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