May 17, 2018
Global travel attractions were valued at USD 254,6 billion in 2017, bringing the attention of over 14,8 billion people. Visitor attractions in China, USA, Japan, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Russia draw the most people each year, with nearly 11 billion visitors. In celebration of International Museum Day, taking place on May 18th, use Euromonitor […]
November 5, 2017
For bags and luggage, Asia Pacific will be the region to target. It is the largest region by far, at almost twice the size of North America. The region also accounted for 64% of total global value growth in 2016, cementing its position as the main engine of growth. While Western Europe and North America […]
March 12, 2017
Uncertainty is going to be the dominant theme in the global economy in 2017. Continuing political, policy, and economic volatility around the world pose risks of further inertia due to a “wait-and-see” sentiment in the private and public sectors. Global companies should be ready for more disruptions that might arise given the geopolitical uncertainty and […]
February 6, 2017
The world is now focusing on the third largest economy in Western Europe (in GDP US$ terms) in 2015, which is gearing up for its next national elections to be held in April and May 2017. Recent political events in major developed economies clearly reflect the presence of an inclination towards a far-right political ideology. […]
April 23, 2016
Although emerging and developing economies are leading the global middle class expansion, developed countries will continue to offer more solid middle classes with higher disposable incomes and greater homogeneity in terms of incomes, tastes and needs than their emerging market counterparts. For the long-term period through to 2030, Euromonitor International has identified five developed markets […]
October 11, 2015
Euromonitor’s annual packaged food research has come to an end, and we’ve identified key trends in packaged food across five European countries. Euromonitor’s annual packaged food research has come to an end, and we’ve identified key trends in packaged food across five European countries.   Watch on Youtube
Roberto Fernández
October 4, 2015
Cliché or not, France has a reputation for resisting the globalisation of food habits, particularly the Americanisation of these, to perpetuate the myth of a ‘French paradox’ (below average cases of being overweight and having heart disease in spite of its rich gastronomy), and the French remain loyal to traditional ways of eating. Most meals […]
May 17, 2018
France’s Ecology Minister, Ségolène Royal, has apologised for her recent comments castigating Nutella over its use of palm oil and calling for people to stop eating the popular chocolate hazelnut spread altogether. The comments aired on French television channel Canal+ and immediately gained widespread traction across international news outlets and social media. The palm oil […]

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