November 10, 2017
  According to Euromonitor data, although 33 out of 54 countries are consuming more than the recommended 2,000 calories per capita per day, only 3 countries are consuming the World Health Organization’s recommended 30 grams of fibre per capita per day. Most markets depend on packaged food as their primary source of nourishment, and not […]
Sara Petersson
October 23, 2017
A treasured protector of our health, fibre is certainly an interesting nutrient that often perhaps doesn’t receive the consumer accolades it deserves. In the world of excess and overconsumption, it seems strange that fibre is the odd one out.  Commonly described as a component of a plant, which cannot be completely broken down by human […]
November 16, 2016
The main pressures facing bakery over the last year are not dissimilar from those facing the wider food industry. The rising popularity of low-carb diets such as Atkin’s and Paleo in advanced countries and the reduction in waste and lifting of subsidies in emerging markets have taken their toll on the global baked goods market. […]
October 22, 2015
Let’s be honest, fibre is not a sexy nutrient. It doesn’t have the sweetness of sugar, the guilty indulgence of fat or the ‘cool-factor’ of protein. Yet increasing fibre intake is one of the most positive dietary changes that can be made to improve health – its benefits include improved blood glucose control, lower blood […]
May 26, 2014
“Old school” diet lore taught us that fibre “fills you up”, but recent research shows that there is much more to it than that. Dietary fibre has the power to alter the composition of the intestinal microflora, triggering the release of satiety hormones that communicate to the brain that we are full. The message, however, […]

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