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January 12, 2018
With the ability to instantly adopt catwalk fashion and provide trend-led clothing for an affordable price, fast fashion retailers have been among the bigger value gainers in the last few years. The success of fast fashion has been near universal, thanks to efficient supply chains and economies of scale that have allowed fast fashion brands […]
November 11, 2017
The apparel and footwear industry have undergone changes because of three new trends. The evolution of athleisure has arguably been the defining trend of this decade in apparel and footwear. Rather than waning in importance, the trend is evolving, illustrated by sportswear’s ongoing dynamic growth. Childrenswear continues to outshine both menswear and womenswear, benefiting from […]
July 28, 2017
Over the last few years, there has been a significant entrance of fast-fashion retailers in the Chilean market including Aeropostale, Top Shop, and Zara. These brands have quickly been able to obtain immediate success in the country due to their already well-known names. Chileans are actively looking for new products to match their fashion and […]
March 30, 2017
H&M announced on Thurday 30th March the launch of a new brand rooted in “style beyond trend.” Bernadette Kissane, apparel and footwear analyst at Euromonitor International, comments: “The announcement of H&M’s new brand Arket comes at an interesting time. While the company has been teasing consumers with the potential launch of a new brand for a while […]
February 1, 2017
A recently published global briefing entitled Colour Cosmetics Make a Bid for Staple Status: New Growth Concepts Drive Demand explores how in an era of upheaval in colour cosmetics, new genres of brands are disrupting the marketplace with their nimble networking and ability to instantly gratify. Over in the merciless and vast mass arena, fashion for […]
November 2, 2016
Tough times call for drastic measures. In the face of shifting consumer habits, the rise of fast fashion and influence of social media, designer labels are moving to a ‘See Now, Buy Now’ business model. The 4-week sartorial circus, otherwise known as fashion month, has now come to an end and while the different hues […]
March 30, 2016
You can’t sit with us (unless you resemble a photoshopped model); the once exclusive strategies of teen fashion players, built on heavy-logoed products and a too cool for school brand image, are no longer resonating with the younger consumer.
September 13, 2015
Sportswear’s success is opening up opportunities in other areas of apparel. Whether consumers are paying a premium for high-tech performance wear or opting for lower-priced sportswear from the growing number of fast fashion brands now in the market, since the vast majority of sportswear is slim fitting, underwear that compliments is a must. Looking beyond […]

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