December 12, 2016
Mexico is one of the largest electronics production hubs outside of Asia Pacific. In 2015, Mexico produced consumer and business electronics equivalent to USD46.6 billion, the 10th position in production value globally. Mexico’s electronics industry grew strongly in recent years, recording a 4% value CAGR over 2010-2015. However, with potentially changing US policy regarding free […]
October 26, 2015
Earlier in the year I asked the question can Sub-Saharan Africa ride out commodity price losses? I argued that yes it can because the key to Africa’s growth lies outside commodities – its potential as a consumer market, its young, fast-urbanising population and its burgeoning middle class should be why Sub-Saharan Africa is still top […]
December 12, 2016
5 Key Findings in Consumer Appliances The latest findings from Euromonitor International’s consumer appliance research team highlights trends in both major and small appliances as well as insights for trade statistics including production, imports and exports.
Justinas Lasinskas
December 7, 2014
This podcast discusses factors and motivations behind global oil and coal price trends, nickel exports from Indonesia and trends in global soft commodities including coffee and grapefruit.
September 6, 2014
An escalation of geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, Libya and Ukraine will continue to add risks to the global oil markets, although oil prices have been largely stable since 2013, owing to a glut in supplies and a weaker-than-expected growth in demand. Global oil prices are an important economic indicator for businesses and consumers, […]
June 30, 2014
This week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Commerce Department has issued separate private rulings allowing two Texan companies, Pioneer Natural Resources Co and Enterprise Products Partners LP, to export a type of ultra-light oil known as condensate. Although exports of condensate will not offset the overall increase in US crude oil output, […]
June 19, 2014
The EU has banned Indian mango imports, upsetting not only the Indian mango industry but also UK importers and retailers. With sufficient effort and collaboration, the ban may yet be reversed before its expiration date at the end of 2015, but India’s mango woes go much further than that. Other export markets may decide to […]
June 18, 2014
The visual below highlights the intricate web of global trade. While a part of the world’s trade in goods can be described as truly global, regional accounts for a very important share of overall global trade. Some 70% of the imports and exports of European Union countries, for example, was within the European Free Trade […]

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