November 14, 2017
Consumers are embracing social causes with the aim of helping to enrich lives and make the world a better place. People are giving more than ever before in terms of helping strangers, donating money and volunteering their time. Euromonitor International’s GCT Survey of 2016 found that 53% of all respondents across all countries felt they […]
August 4, 2017
Recently, 9 of us from the Bangalore office took part in a volunteering activity with People for Animals. People for Animals is a charity involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, displaced and orphaned animals – many of whom are wild animals who had been kept as pets! We set off early to reach […]
June 10, 2017
  The green power boom is introducing vast opportunities for industries like basic chemicals. Currently, there are two technologies growing extremely fast and garnering plenty of attention in this green technology boom – electric vehicles and solar panels. Both of these technologies are introducing opportunities for the basic chemicals industry. Watch on YouTube
Andrius Balsys
May 17, 2017
April saw Euromonitor’s 5th annual global Green Week. The week aims to raise awareness of green issues and encourage staff to think about their behaviours and the environmental impacts that they have. The week takes place in each of our 12 global offices with some really exciting initiatives taking place. “Whilst we were picking trash, […]
April 3, 2017
    Shifan is 6 years old and lives in a village in rural Uganda. She lost her mobility some years ago after contracting cerebral malaria which attacked her central nervous system. Shifan had to be left alone at home when her mother and brother went out as she was too heavy to carry. Today […]
April 2, 2017
Packaging is an industry closely influenced by the growing discourse on sustainability given the link between packaging and waste. Sustainability, however, is not just the only factor impacting the industry – changing lifestyle afforded by a faster pace of urbanisation and the associated space constriction are also influencing the pack sizes. Consumers expect to connect […]
March 4, 2017
As part of our carbon balancing Euromonitor is supporting a reforestation programme in Borneo which will support the local community and, eventually, a population of critically endangered organutan. By the start of December 19,555 seedlings had been grown in the community nurseries in Mangkatip village and had reached a height of 30 cm. An additional […]
February 1, 2017
Nearly 1 billion people live without access to safe drinking water. Classed by the World Economic Forum as the world’s number one long term risk, water crisis is a key issue impacting businesses across industries. This strategy briefing extract looks at how a range of companies are tackling this pressing concern, from supply chain management to […]

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