November 21, 2014
In its third quarter report Swedish Match announced a new corporate vision – ‘A world without cigarettes’.  Entry into this brave new world is enabled by the availability of products ‘recognised as safer alternatives to cigarettes’.  As a non combustible tobacco product snus may be unofficially be so regarded but officially this product is lumped […]
May 27, 2014
  Download key highlights from Euromonitor’s 2014 Tobacco Research
February 22, 2011
  Tobacco Analyst for Euromonitor International, Don Hedley, explains recent public claims that smoking could disappear 30 years from now in some markets and gives a glimpse of the future of the industry. According to Euromonitor data on smoking prevalence, the last smoker will quit in the USA in 2063, and in Japan in 2072. […]
Don Hedley

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