February 12, 2017
For years, China’s double-digit economic growth attracted global operators in all industries, including foodservice, looking to meet a seemingly insatiable demand for foreign goods and concepts. China’s economy is slowing, however, which means that the“anything wins” approach to foodservice, from the perspective of global foodservice operators, is no longer as effective. China’s slowing economy is a sign […]
December 10, 2016
Instant coffee is a growing segment of the global market, benefiting from the rapid growth of specialist coffee shops and the expansion of “coffee culture” in traditionally tea-drinking markets. Analysts Matt Barry and Virginia Lee talk about where instant coffee is consumed, the top five growth markets for instant coffee, and new product innovations that […]
July 31, 2016
Growth of a café culture was unfettered throughout 2015, as consumers became increasingly sophisticated in their preferences, resulting in a positive impact on value sales of hot drinks.
April 22, 2016
In an effort to energise sales at home, McDonald’s has had to look for new ways to excite consumers and drive sales. Tapping into the growing demand for on-trade coffee globally, McDonald’s is increasingly reliant on its successful McCafé brand as an avenue for growth. McCafé is currently the third largest specialist coffee chain by […]
April 10, 2016
2015 and early 2016 have been dynamic times for global specialist coffee shops, with consistently growing demand for modern café experiences driving rapid innovation and growing competition in the category all over the world. With the launch of Euromonitor’s new 2016 edition of consumer foodservice data from 54 global markets, here are three key insights […]
December 15, 2015
  Two big trends exhibited in the Brooklyn coffee shop scene indicative of larger trends are single-origin coffee and direct trade coffee. In the past, grocery stores and coffee shops served blended coffee from multiple regions. This is more cost effective, but there is a shift towards single-origin coffee. Single-origin coffee comes from a single […]
Virginia Lee
November 21, 2015
While Japanese diners typically go to izakayas to do their drinking outside of the home, a new tradition known as choinomi, or “quick drink”, is helping to shake up local habits. Consumers who are looking to spend a little less, and often drink a little less, are heading to fast food restaurants that have begun […]
November 5, 2015
  Euromonitor’s research analysts identified several emerging trends in the gardening industry in the UK and beyond.   The Garden Centre Café Consumer foodservice is playing an important role in the home and garden market, with the café becoming an increasingly important element of garden centres in the UK. In fact, the average visitor to […]
Filipe Oliveira

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