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August 27, 2018
Natural ingredients are already a mainstream idea, especially when it comes to healthy diets. A more holistic approach is also being seen in beauty and personal care as a growing number of products are now containing healthy ingredients that are commonly used in the food industry. This rejection of beauty products that contain potentially harmful […]
August 14, 2018
As one of the largest B2B beauty events in the region, Cosmoprof North America brought together thought leaders, industry experts and top players across the beauty industry. From product innovations to new distribution channels to the latest in beauty, five key trends were seen at this year’s Cosmoprof North America. The Evolution of Ageing in […]
June 19, 2018
The fast pace at which consumer attitudes and beauty industry dynamics are changing, alongside lower barriers to entry have created a ripe environment for disrupting traditional models at all price tiers, by smaller start-ups and legacy brands alike. Just as this is creating further inspiration for innovation, knowledge sharing and a widening consumer base, it […]
June 18, 2018
The world is getting older. According to Euromonitor, as of 2017, 1.7 billion people globally, or 23% of the global population, is aged 50 or above. Life expectancy is rising around the globe. The average global life expectancy is 72.3 years with some countries exceeding this average, such as Japan at 84.1 years, the United […]
June 7, 2018
Euromonitor is excited to announce the launch of the Industry Insights series. In this annual series, Euromonitor surveys industry professionals across the globe to capture trends, forecasts, and innovations. Voice of the Industry: Beauty and Personal Care This first report in this series focuses on the beauty and personal care industry, drawing on an Industry […]
May 24, 2018
After its relatively bad performance in 2016 due to the cooling national economy, the Chinese skin care market has gone through a market recovery in 2017. Chinese consumers’ rising aspirations for natural ingredients and high-tech aspects together with the emergence of multi-brand beauty specialist stores as a new distribution channel have made for a dynamic […]
Stephanie Yao
May 22, 2018
Despite challenging economic circumstances, manufacturers of luxury brands are focusing their efforts on Mexico, and it is considered the most favourable country for luxury goods in Latin America. Experiential categories such as luxury cars showed strong growth driven by financial plans available to middle-income consumers, such as interest-free payments or leasing. Millennials contributed to the […]
Euromonitor Research
August 14, 2018
Consumers’ need to look beautiful in the long run has led to the prominence of the megatrend ‘healthy living’ in the region of Middle East & Africa. This important shift in the search for products and brands is the result of a new consumer attitude that a holistic approach is needed to be beautiful and […]

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