Beam Inc.

January 21, 2014
Suntory’s US$16 Billion bid for Beam, Inc. is a high price for a company with two fundamental problems, states Jeremy Cunnington, Senior Alcoholics Drinks Analyst at Euromonitor. Beam has strong brands such as Jim Beam Bourbon and Courvoisier Cognac but a large proportion of its brands are considered low value and do not offer much […]
Euromonitor Research
January 20, 2014
Following Suntory’s accepted bid of US$16 billion for Beam, there has been much comment about the high price the Japanese company has paid, in fact so much so that it will almost certainly prevent further bids. Suntory has probably paid too much for the total company due to fundamental weaknesses in Beam, namely a narrow […]
January 13, 2014
Suntory’s agreed bid of US$16 billion for all of Beam has come as a surprise and will lead to a number of international players, led by Pernod Ricard putting together counter bids. In some ways Suntory going for Beam is not a surprise, in that the company, along with its fellow Japanese companies have been […]
October 27, 2011
Now that Beam Inc is a standalone company it can be considered very vulnerable to being broken up by various players. The company has some high-quality international brands which would appeal to many international players both large and small. However, around half of Beam Inc’s 260 million litre global volumes are accounted for by local […]
October 26, 2011
Now Beam Inc has divested its other units and become a standalone spirits company, its chances of remaining independent are slim. It is publicly listed and, like Allied Domecq before it, its weaknesses in both brand and geographical terms will make it difficult for the company to retain its independence. Any acquisition is likely to […]

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