Baltic states

August 22, 2016
  Sports nutrition sales exceeded EUR 16 Million in the Baltic States in 2016 over growing dynamically over the past few years. Consumers are adapting healthier lifestyles as participation rates in marathons and triathlons are soaring, and cross fit becomes more and more popular. Mass adoption of these products means sports nutrition is no longer […]
Povilas Sugintas
October 31, 2015
  Packaged food in the Baltic Countries suffered from two strong negative impacts in 2015. First, the share of exports to Russia is large in the Baltic countries, meaning that manufacturers are hard hit by embargoes. Secondly, there is a declining population in the Baltics which simply means there are less people to consume packaged […]
Stefan Anbro
August 8, 2012
During the financial crisis, loyalty marketing emerged in the Baltic States for customer retention. Loyalty cards are a win-win for both customers and retailers, states Roberta Kniuipyte, research analyst for the Baltic States at Euromonitor. Customers obtain discounts from using the cards, and retailers retain their customer base. In the Baltic States, loyalty marketing is […]
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