March 21, 2017
Leading global cosmetics companies are turning to a full spectrum of promising antipollution ingredients, ranging from plant extracts, vitamins or antioxidant complexes, through ingredients that simply create a physical barrier between the skin and the pollutants, to promising ingredients with metal chelating or magnetic properties that are claimed to prevent the pollutant from interacting with […]
March 14, 2017
Antipollution cosmetics, a well-established trend in Asia Pacific due to the dangerous levels of air pollution, is now going global, driven by a growing consumer desire for a healthy look. Western consumers are increasingly looking for cosmetics with benefits that not only fight the signs of ageing but also protect against pollutants. Growing urban pollution […]
June 8, 2016
Fermented beauty products rich in nutrients and other ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial enzymes, although trendy, are not new. However, what makes probiotic breaking news in cosmetics is the way that the microbes are now being added to formulations which has a direct impact on product positioning in the […]
March 21, 2014
In February 2014 there was a call from DSM, a leading global vitamin supplier, for the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin E to rise substantially to 30mg per day. The vitamin has several important functions, for example helping to maintain cell structure by protecting cell membranes and contributing to the protection of cells from […]
March 21, 2017
Algal ingredients appear in a wide range of different products and brands in the personal care market and wear very different guises in each area. For example, mainstream brands often use a basic seaweed extract simply as a way to add a more natural feel to their products, while natural personal care brands use seaweed […]
March 21, 2017
Food and beverage manufacturers should tap into the anti-ageing trend to target today's elderly citizens, according to market research company Euromonitor International.
January 3, 2012
According to Euromonitor International, even in the face of the tough economic conditions currently affecting the developed markets in Europe and North America, natural and organic cosmetics have continued to power ahead.

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