Sweden: Country Pulse (April 2010)

People of Lava made in Sweden (April 2010)

A new television is the latest craze on all the ‘techy’ news websites. It is called “Scandinavia” and is made by the Swedish company “People of Lava”. It is causing so much excitement because it uses Android software and has a fully LED backlit LCD display, so far only seen on computer screens. The Scandinavia will have direct access to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The television launches in September for Swedish customers.

WikiLeaks follows in the footsteps of Skype and Spotify (April 2010)

The Swedes are right on the ball when it comes to computer software. Not only are Swedish brains behind Skype and Spotify, they are also behind a website that has recently been in the spotlight: WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive documents from governments. The website rose to global fame at the beginning of April through a video showing US military operations in Iraq. This has raised interest in the website, causing a huge number of hits on the site and profiles such as the BBC’s “Who are WikiLeaks?”

Exploding breasts pose a risk (April 2010)

The Swedes are following the French example and have banned certain types of breast implants over the risk of explosions. The Swedish Medical Products Agency confirmed in the first week of April that it had introduced the ban on implants by manufacturer Poly Implant Prothese. It is not clear yet how many Swedish women have suffered from faulty implants, but it is known that since 2001, an estimated 35,000 to 45,000 women across Europe have received faulty implants. The Swedish agency has commented that it hopes to release Swedish figures as soon as possible.