St Patrick’s Day goes global – Top Stout Markets Ranked

Ireland’s national holiday has truly turned into a global event. It has evolved into the most famous celebration of the Irish heritage, marked with a day of Irish-themed parades, green clothing and Guinness drinking.


Guinness remains the most consumed stout in the world

Guinness represents one of the symbols of St Patrick’s Day and 2018 will be a special year for the iconic Irish brewer, as it celebrates 200 year in the US. The US represents one of the top markets for Guinness with over 44.7% shares of the stout market. It’s also been the largest stout market in the world for several years  but the global ranking is going to change.


China drives stout consumption

China is expected to overtake the US and take the top spot in the global stout rankings, increasing its volume sales from 192 million litres in 2016 to 659 million litres in 2021. Recording a 47% increase in 2016, consumption of stout in China is driving the global stout market, which now represents the fastest-growing beer type, while overall beer consumption is declining. Stout in China is experiencing increased appeal among younger consumers in tier one and two cities in particular, due to its perceived sophistication and premium positioning. However, should economic events derail stout’s progress in the market, the impact will be felt globally.

Source: Euromonitor International


The future of stout: top ten markets in 2020

In 2020, the Chinese stout market is expected to be double the size of the USA’s. Africa will also play an important role for the global stout market, with four African countries appearing in the ranking of the top stout drinking countries in the world.