Smart Living Innovation at KES 2019

Korea Electronics Show (KES) is the largest electronics show in South Korea and has been running for 50 years.  Innovative technology was a key factor at KES, showing how advanced technology will enhance smart living in the future.

LG and Samsung ran massive promotion stands, featuring flagship products like TVs, smartphones and appliances. Small firms including start-up enterprises introduced innovative products with IoT technology which will help personalise living.

From competition to innovation between LG and Samsung

The most notable products from KES 2019 were LG OLED R and Samsung Galaxy Fold. LG first introduced the OLED R (LG rollable display) at CES 2019, but KES was the first time this product was revealed to the public in South Korea. LG displayed three OLED R TVs at the front of its booth. Though Samsung Galaxy Fold is already selling in South Korea, many people wanted to see a tangible, foldable phone. Samsung placed the Galaxy Fold front and centre.

The two firms presented the notion of unique lifestyles with their flagship electronics and appliances. LG displayed its signature LG appliances, a new home brew product and ThinQ platform. The LG clear OLED panel and 130 inch LED Signage were prominently positioned on the company’s stand.

Samsung showed bespoke refrigerators with various covers, alongside its new appliances. It also showcased its 219 inch wall TV and its 98 inch QLED 8KTV. Moreover, other types of TVs, like The Sero, The Frame and The Serif, were all on display for consumers to look at. Additionally, the Harman Kardon Citation, a premium home speaker, was introduced for the first time to Korean consumers.

Personalisation with IoT at home

Small enterprises and start-up companies revealed some innovative products, such as sleeping sensors, wireless massage devices for pets, auto candle machines and a smart farm. C:N Frontiers developed its sleep sensor with IoT technology, comprising a small device put between the mattress and the bed frame which records sleep data.

Homelec, known for producing massage machines for humans, developed a wireless massage machine for pets using funding from Wadiz, a funding platform in South Korea. Lucy is for small and medium-sized pets and Toby for medium to large pets.

Candle Be Co Ltd allows the user to make personalised candles with a wax cartridge and an oil cartridge that contains 100% natural ingredients. AI Plus is a spin-off start up from Samsung Electronics and produces small smart farms for households called plantbox. It controls the amount of water, brightness of the LED, the temperature, humidity and water quality by itself and the process is monitored on a smartphone.

Both large firms and small enterprises presented their advanced technology products and demonstrated how these could be reshaping our smart living at home in the future. The competition and demand from a niche market will fuel major innovation, thus more competitors with diverse products will hopefully appear at next year’s KES.