Safety and Hygiene to Become the New Wellness Movement

This article is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021 report.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) put health and hygiene front of mind for consumers around the world. The fear of infection and increased health awareness drove demand for hygiene products and pushed consumers towards contactless shopping experiences to avoid exposure.

Meeting the needs of Safety Obsessed consumers

Consumers’ awareness was heightened as a result of the pandemic since the virus can spread through indirect contact and any touchpoint can become a source of infection. Efficiency and cleanliness are no longer trade-offs, but expectations amongst Safety Obsessed consumers.

Companies had to move quickly in response to lockdowns and government regulations, to ensure they could stay open and at the same time, keep workers and customers safe. Service and payment industries were amongst the first to respond. Grocers quickly adapted to consumers’ reluctance to visit crowded stores and interact with humans, offering online ordering and even robot deliveries. Society was already moving towards cashless payments and the pandemic accelerated this transition.

Hygiene products are the main beneficiaries of the Safety Obsessed. Manufacturers are launching value-added products in line with growing health consciousness to meet new hygiene standards, sparking innovations that prioritise sanitation as a critical product feature.

Moving forward, companies should implement enhanced safety measures and innovations that target concerns to reassure consumers. Businesses that incorporate exceptional sanitation features into products and services, while communicating these benefits, will attract Safety Obsessed consumers.

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