Refugee Week 2017: How We Are Supporting the Global Refugee Crisis Through Our CSR Programme

“We left our home in Homs after being internally displaced for months. Since we left, we have all tried to stay in school, however life is so unstable, and the possibility of sacrificing our education in order to support our family is high. Since Karam visited… we will be able to continue our education. We are so excited.” – Amani, Karam Foundation (pictured below, with her siblings)

There are currently over 2.9 million Syrian refugees in Turkey[1] and a total of 21.3 million refugees worldwide as reported by the United Nations Refugee Agency. This #RefugeeWeek we are looking at some of the amazing organisations we are supporting globally who are working with these refugee communities.

Karam Foundation are a charity working with Urban Refugees in Turkey. We will be supporting 70 Syrian girls into education, providing vital funds for their families to ensure that these girls attend school rather than work in child labour. Another fantastic feature of Karam’s programme is that local refugees are employed to run the projects and our funding will provide employment for 2 local project managers.

Syrian refugees working with Karam Foundation

The Refugee Empowerment and Support Taskforce (REST) are working in the Mahama Camp, Rwanda which houses over 50,000 refugees from Burundi[2]. Our partnership will primarily focus on the Tabita Project (pictured) – a female refugee sewing collective, with additional funds being used to support the education of a Burundian refugee at a local boarding school.

“Through Euromonitor’s support we have continued our mission of rebuilding and empowering refugee communities by training and providing a sewing livelihood to an additional six women and have bolstered our scholarship program to children in the Mahama Camp.” – Patrick Lockett, REST

Participants of REST’s Tabita Project

Over in Tokyo, our staff recently chose the Japan Association for Refugees (JAR) as their regional charity partner. JAR works providing legal and social support for refugees in Japan. They assist over 10,000 people each year who have escaped from 50 countries around the world. Our donation will be used as a refugee emergency fund and will enable staff to continue their important work and are also exploring potential volunteering opportunities with staff in the Tokyo office. Another volunteering initiative taking place in Speak Street in London – where volunteers assist local refugees and asylum seekers practise their English skills through a reading club

“We are proud to work with these organisations who are supporting refugees in a variety of ways around the world. We look forward to growing these partnerships over the coming years and supporting these communities further.” – Sarah Hunter, CSR Director

These wonderful organisations enable us to work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, part of our commitment as signatories to the United Nations Global Compact.

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