Pursuing Skype

Facebook and Google are reportedly eyeing to purchase Skype but the latest word on the grapevine is that Microsoft has successfully acquired the internet telephony company.

Microsoft already has Windows Live Messenger for the computer market. Adding Skype to its fold allows Microsoft an immediate entry into the smartphone market, where Microsoft’s Window Phone 7 is struggling to gain traction with both manufacturers and consumers since its launch in the last quarter of 2010.

In recent years, the Redmond giant failed to latch onto the social networking craze generated by MySpace and Facebook. In addition, Microsoft failed to gain inroads into the lucrative search business dominated by Google. Allowing either Facebook or Google to further integrate internet telephony into their business will further strengthen the hold that Microsoft’s competitors have on the users. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that Microsoft spared no effort in ensuring that the prized asset of Skype does not fall into the hands of its fierce competitors.