Protecting and Restoring Forests


As part of our initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment our London office balanced 377 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, associated with business travel, through the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme in 2012.

Our financial support contributed to the development of a new Carbon Balanced project at Laipuna in Ecuador.  This 271 hectare site preserves critically threatened Tumbesian tropical forest of very high conservation value, secures continuity of a suite of ecosystem services and generates upwards of 8,000 tonnes of net emissions reduction.  Moreover, it represents the first Carbon Balanced project within the Tumbesian ecoregion and thus expands the existing project portfolio to new habitats.

WLT Carbon Balanced Programme blog

Laipuna Reserve and Catamayo River Canyon beyond during the wet season.  The short rainy season is marked by profuse growth of leaves and flowers over a very short period to maximise the available moisture. © WLT/NCI