Vietjet Air’s Quick Expansion and Marketing Strategies Leading to Competitor Expansion

Euroasia_trang.nguyen_LThumbWith Trang Nguyen, Research Analyst

Despite being a relatively new airline, Vietjet Air has rapidly expanded its presence in Vietnam since its founding in 2007. The low-cost carrier recently opened its second international route from Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore in May of 2014. This rapid expansion is partly due to Vietjet’s bombastic advertising and marketing activities. For instance, a parade of flight attendants and pilots rode horses through the streets of Da Lat to announce Vietjet’s route from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat. Also, many consumers choose Vietjet to fly domestic as the rates are often cheaper than major international airlines. The success of Vietjet is shaking up competition in Vietnam, and major players have responded by expanding their fleet numbers and routes.

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