The Risks and Rewards of “Pepsi Made with Real Sugar”

6a01310f54565d970c01a73da7701b970d-800wi 6a01310f54565d970c01a73d9c6f2f970d-800wiWith Howard Telford – Beverages Analyst and Jonas Feliciano, Beverages Analyst

Pepsi recently announced the launch of “Pepsi Made With Real Sugar” for summer 2014. The launch is indicative of Pepsi’s scattered strategy as of late. In a short period of time, Pepsi has changed their logo, bottle shape, sweetener offerings and product sizes. Given consumer reaction to high fructose corn syrup, Pepsi hopes that their latest offering will be seen as a healthier option in what has become an indulgent beverage category. Carbonates have been declining in sales as in the US and other developed markets, and Pepsi’s hope is that with different products, sizes and flavours, current Pepsi drinkers will have alternative products to drink without leaving the carbonates category altogether.

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