The All-Natural Trend in Sports Drinks and Hydration

Sports drinks along with the wider hydration market are trending towards all-natural ingredients. Currently, this trend can be seen in coconut water, maple water, birch water and other plant waters. One trend coming to the forefront of this market is taking elements of products that are traditionally marketed towards performance athletes and marketing them towards the everyday consumer. As exercise habits continue to become more regimented, sports drinks and sports nutrition will become more mainstream. In these products, functionality is key, and all-natural products are on the rise. In the future, an emphasis on natural ingredient and open labels will be key for both sports nutrition items and sports drinks. Moderated by Euromonitor International’s Head of Beverages & Foodservice, Michael Schaefer, Senior Beverages Analyst Virginia Lee and Senior Consumer Health Analyst Chris Schmidt discuss how the latest hydration products combine functionality with natural ingredients.

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