Fashion Friday: Omni-channel Shopping, Showrooming and Webrooming


Omni-Channel shopping is a key word in the fashion and retailing industries, meaning that consumers no longer use a single channel to shop. Rather, consumers are likely to open a web browser to look at an item, visit a store to see it in person, and then may end up purchasing that same item on their mobile phones. Therefore, brands and retailers are increasingly investing in digital strategies in order to create touch points with consumers along their buying process. Two trends that have emerged from omni-channel shopping are showrooming and webrooming. Webrooming refers to the research of products online and then buying that product in the store, while showrooming refers to the research of products in the store and the purchase of those products online. One tactic that the fashion industry is adopting is the opening of showroom stores, which are small selling spaces with limited product selection where consumers can examine products before purchasing online. Jocelyn Cheung and Yuri Gorai discuss.

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