Is the Alli anti-obesity pill representative of the “quick fix” trend?

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In this new episode of Globalcast, Euromonitor International analysts for Western Europe, Diane Bolelli and Eleni Grammenou, discuss the launch of Alli, the anti-obesity pill in Western Europe. They analyse the results and impact of this controversial launch in two very different markets, France and the UK, as well as highlight how Alli ties in to consumers’ desire for a quick fix, a trend that appears to be impacting both Over the Counter Healthcare (OTC) and other industries.

Learn about:

  • What is the Alli pill and how has this product been doing globally and in Western Europe?
  • Has it been welcomed in France and in the UK?
  • What is the impact of the Alli pill’s success on the OTC industry?
  • Looking at other categories, is there other evidence of consumers desire for a “quick fix”?